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Victorians can now learn more about Aboriginal culture and history with the launch of the Deadly Questions campaign.

Deadly Questions gives non-Aboriginal Victorians the opportunity to ask the questions they have always wanted to ask but may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask.

The online platform will provide a public space for Aboriginal Victorians to discuss history and how it affects their lives today, as well as share the strength and vibrancy of their cultures, with the aim of building understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


We tell the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia and create opportunities for people to encounter, engage and be transformed by that story.

We support and facilitate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural resurgence.

We shape our national narrative.


The Trust emerged from a need for greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Koorie culture throughout the community, and the immediate need for Koorie cultural heritage material to be controlled, managed and curated by Koorie people. Since then, the Trust’s activities and programs have expanded and include:

  • addressing a need in the community for the collection and preservation of Koorie oral histories for future generations

  • a family history service that connects members of the Stolen Generations and their descendants to family, culture and community

  • expanding the collection of Koorie art and artefacts that reflect the historical and contemporary artistic practices of south-eastern Australia

  • exhibition programs with a particular focus on showcasing new and emerging artists; cultural education programs and activities

  • a retail outlet for the creative art and design expression of our Koorie Community.


Deadly Story is a cultural resource portal that aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people who are in out-of-home care, to grow in their knowledge of who they are and where they come from as well as support their growing connection to Culture, Country and Community.

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An Australia together; embracing and respecting First Nation Peoples and cultures, their lived experiences improved, and all Australians enriched by meaningful relationships and connections.


While we have a lot of knowledge and experience, we may not always have the answers. Use the links below to discover more:

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