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A new place to call home



LtoR- Abby Smith, Dean Duncan and Raquel Stewart. (Joe Mastroianni). 231327_01

By Jessica Micallef

The Sunbury Aboriginal Corporation has a new place to call home.

The corporation has a new space at Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health from which it will provide supported access to culturally appropriate health care, education, housing, youth, justice, arts, sport and recreation.

It will also provide local Aboriginal people a place to learn and practice culture.

The space was funded by the Department of Health and Hume Services through the Korin Korin Balit Djak for Aboriginal Health plan.

Sunbury Aboriginal Corporation chairperson Peter Webster said the space will be welcoming for all.

“The … corporation is excited to be able to establish a safe community space for local Aboriginal people and a place where we can share Aboriginal culture with community,” he said.

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health chief executive Phillip Ripper said the best people to be making decisions about the health and wellbeing of the First Nations people are Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people themselves.

“We have been actively working with the corporation … supporting them on their journey to self-determination and we are very excited about the opening of the new facility,” he said.

The community space at 33 Macedon Street, Sunbury, officially opens on Saturday, March 27.

There are plans for the new space to be open three days a week, with times and days to be confirmed.


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