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The Global Learning Festival is almost upon us, packed with over 50 online FREE events! Running 6-9 November, it’s not too late to check out the program and register for events. There is something in the program to engage, enthral and entertain everyone! Hear from young Aboriginal woman Marlee Silva as she uses strength-based storytelling to champion the voices of Indigenous Australia in the Wyndham WYNtalk: Pathway to Reconciliation November 8 @ 7pm-8pm (AEDT) Hear from a panel of young people advancing STEM, performing arts and entrepreneurial spirit in the Transformative Education Showcase November 7 @ 9:30am-11am (AEDT) Keen to know more about all things space and astronomy? Hear from Kirsten Banks, proud Wiradjuri woman and Astrophysicist, as she shares her passion for mainstream and Aboriginal astronomy. November 9 @ 7pm-8pm (AEDT) Enjoy some online puzzle-solving with the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, solve crosswords, codewords and sudoku whilst meeting new people November 7 @ 2pm-3pm (AEDT) Hear the inspiring, amazing stories of refugees who have fled situations of conflict from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Across the World. Join author Laurie Nowell as he puts a human face to these real stories of resilience. November 7 @ 7pm (AEDT) But wait, there’s more!! Guangzhou Open University is providing a Cell Phone Photographer workshop; there is a Young Writers Program; join 2nd grader Avery to learn how to bake a Vanilla Apple Pie; hear Marco te Brommelstroet, live from Amsterdam as he shares how we can take back our streets and transform our lives. These are just a few of the many events on offer – check out the whole program here! And please feel free to invite your friends, communities, family and networks along!


Follow these links to learn more about Aboriginal culture and history:
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